Patricia Guernelli Palazzo Tsai


In The Training Anthology of Śāntideva: A Translation of the Śikṣā-samuccaya, Charles Goodman provides an updated translation of the Śikṣā-samuccaya fit for a new generation of Buddhist scholars which also appeals to non-specialist readers. The only other translation of the entire text was published in 1922 (with a second edition published in 1970) by Bendall and Rouse, which makes Goodman’s updated translation an important contribution to the field and incredible source for further research. The Training Anthology of Śāntideva: A Translation of the Śikṣā-samuccaya is divided into three major parts: a contextualisation of Śāntideva and his work, the translation of the text, and the appendixes/notes/index section. Goodman intends to contextualise the world in which Śāntideva lived, interpreting Śāntideva’s ethical considerations and exploring how we can analyse the text through a cotemporary lens.

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